How can the New Zealand Chestnut Council assist those 
who may require further information on chestnuts? 
(follow these links for more information)
  • frequently asked questions
  • background information on chestnuts. 
  • contact details of Council Executive
  • list of persons/organisations who are members of NZCC and provide advice on chestnuts
  • NZCC Newsletter (available to members only)
  • a list of nursery growers who have Nursery Standards Certification administered by NZCC
  • chestnut industry contact details including export packhouses registered with NZCC and/or organisations involved in processing chestnuts.
  • Join the NZCC as an Associate Member and receive regular news letters 
  • suggestions on how to cook chestnuts
  • nutritional value of chestnuts
  • the Rules of NZCC

For further information about the New Zealand Chestnut Council, contact:

David Klinac - 10 June Place, Hamilton. Ph 07 8569321